Paul J. Salamoff


Roger Corman Presents
Black Scorpion

Written by: Paul J. Salamoff
Based on the TV Series created by: Craig J. Nevius
Pencils by: Daniel Cuchacovich
Color by: Zac Atkinson

In Issue#2 of this thrilling 4-part series, Detective Darcy Walker dons a makeshift costume and hits the seediest parts of Angel City to investigate the death of her father. Unfortunately at work, she saddled with a new partner, Det. Steve Rafferty, who is tasked to track down and bring in this masked vigilante. As her job collides with her nighttime activities, her own investigation leads her to an unlikely suspect: Dr. Noah Goddard. But how could a man who’s been in a coma for over a year be the criminal mastermind behind her father’s death?