Paul J. Salamoff


Encounter Wins Saturn for Best Independent Film

I’m thrilled to announce that my film Encounter has won The 46th Annual Saturn Award for Best Independent Film of 2021. This is a tremendous honor for me, and everyone involved in this project. I want to thank The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films for recognizing our work.

Encounter is a sci-fi thriller that tells the story of a group of friends who uncover an otherworldly object in a rural field, which they soon discover holds greater secrets than they could imagine.

I wrote and directed Encounter intending to create a film that explores the themes of loss, grief, and fear of the unknown in a tense and suspenseful way. I wanted to challenge the audience to question their beliefs and assumptions and confront the ethical dilemmas that arise when we encounter something unknown and potentially dangerous.

I’m very proud of the cast and crew who brought this vision to life, which includes Luke Hemsworth, Anna Hutchison, Cheryl Texiera, Glenn Keogh, Vincent M. Ward, Christopher Showerman, Peter Holden, Wendy Davis and Tom Atkins, who delivered amazing performances. I’m also grateful to my producers, executive producer, distributor, and supporters who made this film possible.

Encounter is available on VOD and Blu-ray/DVD now, and you can watch it here on my site as well. I hope you will check it out if you haven’t already. Thank you all for your support and for sharing this journey with me.

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